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Relational Science Circle
Re-Connect with Science

Open your Mind & Heart to ways of BEING, DOING, KNOWING Science you may not know you do not know...

What is Relational Science?


Global (or sometimes called "Western") Science has become standardized, universal, reductivist, and without connection to body, senses, land, or spirit.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of advances and knowledges has come from this type of science, but it is not the ONLY way to do, know, be, or define science.

Relational science opens up the definition of science to include ways of knowing that are subjective, include what it is to know as a human, and is about relationships.

"In Western Science, to be scientific it has to be measurable.

But in Indigenous Science, to be scientific it has to be in relationship."

Dr. Leroy Little Bear (Kainai Nation)

"Ancestral Science" Podcast

Come explore depth of Science the Ancestors of Turtle Island have always knowing.

We speak with Elders and Indigenous Scientists to expand how science is defined, embraced, and understood, often through spirit and relationality.

Episode 1: "Sky Rivers to Quantum Portals" 

Episode 2: "Journeying by Spirit, Stars, & Stones"

Episode 3: "Indg Science, Education, & Aunties Laughing"

Episodes 4 & 5: "Quantum: Everything is a Reflection"

Episode 6: "Yarning Systems Science"

Episode 7: "Strength of Indigenous Science"

Episode 8: "Planetary Health through Berries, Land, & Water" 

Episode 9: "Space Justice & Cosmic Relationality"

Episode 10: "Moss Bags & Science of Matriarchs"

Episode 11: "Decolonizing the Land, one Native Plant at a time"

Episode 12: "Land Rights &

Human Responsibilities to the Earth"

Episode 13: Ethnomathematics solves real world problems

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The Relational Science Circle is a place to celebrate Indigenous Science.

Let us know if you want :

- us to amplify amazing work being done around Indigenous Science

- more information about Indigenous Science

- to book an educational talk/workshop

- to say hi!

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