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Star Cluster

Exploring and Sharing the depth of Scientific Knowledge within Stories that humans have been gifted from the Star, Land, and Animal Ancestors for thousands of years.


Ancestral Science Podcast Trailer

Episode 2: "Everything is Aware:
Quantum Consciousness & Spirit in Science"

Natasha Donahue

Métis Physicist

We were grateful to NATASHA DONAHUE, a Métis physicist and Indigenous Science educator, about Science and Spirituality, the linear and restrictive history of science, the depth of scientific knowledges within astrology and alchemy, time as a biproduct of energy exchange, how "everything is aware," dwelling in the flux of the "greyspace," and the questions around and relationality of star beings and UFO's. Remember, you can support the pod and rock some unique Indigenous Science merch at, all proceeds go towards Knowledge Keeper honoraria, following protocols, and keeping the pod going. Natasha donated her honoraria back to the pod. Appreciate the support. **episode correction: Natasha mistakenly said “the Earth is at the center of the solar system,” when she meant “the sun us the center of the solar system."

FULL Shownote doc:

Natasha Donahue headshot.png

Episode 1: "Alignment of Plants,
Stars, & Stories"

Wilfred Buck

Opaskwayak Nation

As we waited for the First Thunder of the season, I was grateful to speak with Wilfred "The Star Guy" Buck, from Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Siksika Astrophysicist Rob Cardinal about the science and stories of the recent Solar Eclipse, the reverence and silence within the darkness of totality, the connection between the alignment, states of matter, and ceremonies, protocols of NOT LOOKING at these significant cosmic events, the Creation of "Tipis and Telescopes," the three-body problem, the North Star and moon cycles, and the origin of the Thunderbirds. Remember you can support the pod with Ancestral Science Podcast MERCH, profits go towards Knowledge Keeper honoraria, help us follow protocols of reciprocity, and keep this pod going. Hand to heart, hai hai. Each Episode has a unique t-shirt design based on its theme, so go check them out! Gratitude to the support from JUAN-CARLOS CHAVEZ, the editing and audio skills of EMIL STARLIGHT of Limelight Multimedia, and ALEX FLETT for marketing and pod support.

FULL Shownote doc:

Siksika Nation

Rob Cardinal

Rob Cardinal
Wilfred Buck
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